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Our AI Essay Grader Will Help You Polish Your Essay Writing Skills

You have just finished typing and proofreading that essay. What’s next? You can submit it to your professor and wait for your fate. Another option is to use the best AI essay grader to evaluate your performance before the lecturer assigns you a final score.

We are vouching for the second option. An AI-driven essay feedback gives you a glimpse of how your assignment is fairing. The best part is that you only need a few clicks to utilize the automated grading technology.

Before the final submission, here is an AI that grades essays instantly.

What is an AI Essay Grader?

An AI essay grader is an artificially intelligent software that marks your essay, awards a grade, and gives improvement suggestions. It can use its knowledge gained through machine learning and natural language processing to grade the essay. 

You can also provide a rubric to guide the AI in marking your essay. Using an AI grader for essays is like having a virtual lecturer who teaches you before submitting the assignment.

Teachers can also utilize it to make their marking easier. That means their red pen can rest before it effortlessly awards marks to the written essays.

Just upload your essay or paste the content, and let the essay grader AI give you the feedback. It’s one of the AI essay writer free tools that you can access anytime.

Why Should I Use AI to Grade Essays?

Using our grade my essay AI will let you know how your essay is performing in no time. We can say that it cuts down the anxiety. Here are the benefits you will realize once you use our grade essay AI.

Save Time, Ace Essays

One of the biggest perks of using an essay AI grader? It saves you tons of evaluation time! Instead of waiting days for your essay to know your final mark, you get feedback in minutes.

Immediate feedback also allows you to revise using an AI content improver, among other tools, before turning in the best version.

Fair and Consistent Evaluation

An AI that can grade essays ensures fairness and consistency in grading. Every essay is evaluated against the same criteria, so you can trust that you’re being judged fairly.

If you have a custom grading guide, you can upload the rubric our AI will use to rate the essay. The consistency will still stick.

Empower Yourself with Self-Assessment

With AI feedback, you’re not just getting a grade - you’re learning how to become a better writer. You can take charge of your learning journey by understanding your mistakes and areas for improvement.

Our tool offers suggestions on how to improve your overall essay. That can start from using our AI grammar checker to polish your English to how to make your essay drive your points home.

Teacher-Centered Support

Our grader essay AI isn’t just for students - it’s also a tool for teachers. By automating the grading process, teachers can spend less time on paperwork. It helps educators to deliver accurate results efficiently, making their lives easier.

How to Use AI to Grade Essays

Using AI to grade essays is easy.

  1. Click the AI grader essay link from the AI homework tool tools collection on our homepage.
  2. Enter your essay’s title. Select the academic level, subject, and the essay type.
  3. Paste the essay in the text area provided. There is also an option to upload the file. The AI grader accepts MS Word and PDF.
  4. Click the green button and get your graded essay for free.

NB: You can also hire an essay writing expert to evaluate and grade the essay. Submitting essays and receiving feedback is a seamless experience, not a tech struggle!

Can AI Grade Essays Accurately?

You can depend on our AI tool to grade essays, and the accuracy level is high. That does not mean that it is entirely accurate, though. With that, you need to note the following:

  • The AI grader uses a learning algorithm. That means the precision in AI grading keeps improving.
  • You can upload or paste a rubric, which will serve as a guideline if you have marking criteria.
  • Our tool is highly reliable, thanks to the different kinds of essays we have helped grade.
  • The grade you get from our AI tool is always higher than what your lecturer will give. Ensure that you consistently score the highest to avoid disappointments.
  • Use our grading tool to help you improve on your essay. However, don’t ignore the human touch.

Ethical Use of AI Grader for Essays

As you let AI grade the essay before revision, you must observe the ethics and maintain your academic integrity. Here’s how to ensure an ethical and honest experience:

  • Please don’t treat the AI as your sole grader: Think of it as a coach, not a judge. Use its feedback to improve your writing, but always remember that your teacher will have the final say on your overall score.
  • Stay creative: AI thrives on patterns. Don’t let it stifle your unique voice or discourage you from trying new writing styles.
  • Understand the AI’s bias: We have trained our college essay AI grader using large datasets that might reflect certain biases. Be aware of this, and don’t rely solely on the AI’s judgment.
  • Report any issues: If you notice the AI making biased or inaccurate assessments, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.

How Does AI Grader Essay Compare to Manual Grading?

AI Essay Grader

Manual Grading

It’s fast

It’s slow

Accessible at any time

Not always accessible

Uses consistent criteria that improve over time

There are no uniform criteria, which means more human biases

Less experience, which is still growing

More experience due to a deep understanding

You get general feedback

You get personalized feedback

Who’s the Winner?

It’s a tie here. You can let AI grade essays and handle grammatical, syntax, and flow errors. If you had a rubric, let it give you a score based on the indicated rules.

After that, let your teacher focus on your style and arguments.

How Can You Integrate Our AI Grader for Essays with Your Academics?

You can utilize this free essay grader AI in your daily learning activities. Here is how you can use it to your advantage:

  1. Getting instant feedback: After you have finished working on your essay, you can use our tool to get instant feedback. That includes suggestions for improvement and a grade.
  2. Review and revise: Take the feedback as your revision strategy. Fix those grammar mistakes, and use an AI paragraph generator for fresh content and an AI paraphrasing tool to refine your writing style.
  3. Track your progress: Use the college essay grader AI to see how you perform every time you write an essay. Keep checking your scores to see how they improve as you implement the feedback you receive.
  4. Integrate with classroom learning: It is also a free AI essay grader for teachers. Educators can use it to give students quick feedback on their writing assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to let an AI grade my essay?

Yes, letting our AI grade an essay for you is safe. We do not store your essays after you upload them. We also don’t sell your information to any third party.

Is this essay grader AI free?

Yes. You can use this free AI essay grader to see how your essay is fairing.

How can teachers use this essay grader AI?

Teachers can utilize our AI for faster grading of essays submitted by students. They can use it to review grammar and clarity mistakes as they focus on generating personalized feedback and suggestions.

Can I use different AI graders for my essays to determine the overall score?

Absolutely. There is nothing wrong with using different AI graders to get an average score. For example, you can use our AI college essay grader to see the first grade. After that, visit Studyable AI essay grader for another grade and suggestions.

Can ChatGPT grade essays for me?

ChatGPT cannot give an official grade but can offer suggestions and feedback. The best way to use ChatGPT when marking your essay is to provide it with a rubric.

How are bar exam essays graded?

Bar exam essays are graded on a scale of 1-6. Sometimes, they can use 1-10 or a different scale altogether. Every jurisdiction has its standards and policies for grading these essays. Your score is based on your performance compared to other examinees’ questions.

Wrapping Up

Imagine instant feedback, 24/7 access, and a grammar wizard all in one! Our AI essay grader is here to supercharge your writing. Get rid of those sneaky typos, flag potential plagiarism, and receive tips on sentence structure and vocabulary.

Ready to experience AI grading firsthand? Upload your document and let the free essay grader AI improve your writing before you submit your assignment to your teacher.